My Dream Car

I imagine myself, zooming on the horizon in my dream car.  The engine roaring in the distance, the burnouts ripping off the ground.  The car pulling out two steps making people think there is a bullet on the road.  People turning heads to see my amazing car. The acceleration going from 50-200 in less than 15 seconds.  All things that I imagine myself doing with my dream car. Of course, the truth is, I probably will never have my dream car because of the price, but if I put that aside and I imagine myself having that car, there would be so much that I could do with just one car.  

My dream car has to look nice.  Not like the ugly cars that have 5 million colours on it.  It would be the shape of a sports car. The Lola T165/70 body to be exact.    The primary colour would have to be red for that is my favorite colour and the secondary colour would be black because that would make it look like a normal sports car, not like the silly ones.  My car would have controllable suspension so I could ride it on the dirt roads. The rims of the wheels would have to be custom made by me. They would be primarily black with a few lines of red.  I wouldn’t have a spoiler because it throws away the original design of the car. I would have the glass bullet proofed as well as the tires. The outside of my car would be the best anyone has seen.

The interior would be even better than the exterior.  The seats would be made of leather for the outside. On the inside of the seats there would be a small memory foam pillow built into the place your head goes and where you butt is when you sit making it a very comfortable ride.  The seats would have multiple functions on it. There would be the seat heater and of course the seat cooler for the summer. The functions would be on a large screen in the center of the control area with surround sound speakers with radio, Bluetooth, and wire connected audio.  I would have the entire interior designed to be as comfortable as possible. Foam grips on the steering wheel along with heating and cooling. I would have it look like the interior of the Jaguar F-Type SVR Coupe red style. The cup holders would allow you to take them out only when needed and they are extra large for myself and my 2 liter drinks.  There are no back seats because of the Lola T165/70 design in general.  It would be the most comforting car in my life.

There would have to be many things to consider in the actual inside of the hood of the car.  I would need a high power engine and a two step extension. For the engine I would have an 812 Superfast 12-cylinder engine.  I would have a two step attachment put on the engine for show.  For the suspension I would have only the best that could withstand dirt roads and snow.  I would have 4WD (4 wheel drive) for more control. It would be the most powerful car that I can think of.

With this car I would need plenty of other accessories.  For sure I would need my own private racing track. So I could actually go my own speed limit because my dream car can go top speed of 400kph.  I would need to be rich because everything about my car is expensive. There is no way I could afford to pay for a car like this in at least 89 years.  I would need my dream house, and a lot of other useless accessories.  

The thing about having a dream car is that there is very little chance that I will own it anytime in my life.  But with technology changing so fast my dream car might only be a very small amount of money compared to other cars.  Having my dream car would be like a dream come true but what I realize is that it is important to believe in my dreams and to keep optimistic about them.  Because you never know they might just come true. But you must work to accomplish your dreams because it isn’t going to be easy just to get your dream.

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