My Dream House

There are many things that make a dream house into a dream house.  I would need plenty of rooms for space. My dream house of course is big, but it isn’t too big.  I don’t want a mansion, I want a villa house. A stylish private home where people look at that house and think to themselves,  I wonder who lives there.  

My dream house would have plenty of rooms.  Some of the rooms include my kitchen, living room, bathroom, home theater, sauna, and master bedroom.  My kitchen would be quite large with lots of places for storage and spices. In my kitchen alone I would have at least 200 different types of spices for my food.  I imagine my kitchen to be like the Jurassic Park kitchen but only half of it, but with more modern day ovens and fridges. My fridge alone would be the stainless steel silver samsung smart fridge with water cooler and ice dispenser.  And my ovens would be propane ovens because of tradition. The counters all shining silver and glistening for my 5 star home cook chef to cook me my meals.  

To live in my dream house includes me having a living room.  My living room would be amazing. There would be very little to no electric powered light for my entire wall is covered in windows for me to see my pool and all the other houses under mine.  My furniture would include a Poltrona Frau Kennedee Curved Sofa and a Clyde Sofa for comfort.  My TV in my living room is a simple C-SEED Entertainment System. The blinds on my window would block everything out.  They would be white and also very expensive. My floor would be made out of the Brazilian walnut to make the place seem more authentic and I would have a simple glass table in between my couches for placing my food and drink on.  

Having a bathroom is one of the most important things in a house but it’s even better when you have a bathroom in a sauna.  I think my bathroom and my sauna fit in the same category so I will describe both. My bathroom would be big. So big that it fits a sauna in it.  In my bathroom there is a door to get into a new room and that room is the sauna. The sauna has plenty of space with a hippo sofa made of stainless steel so it doesn’t get destroyed.  The highest temperature that the sauna can get to is 30 degrees Celsius. The sauna isn’t the best part. In my bathroom I would have a slush machine for when I’m sitting on my high tech Japanese toilets with a bade.  My house would have a 360 degree rain shower so my showers take as little time as possible. My shower would also have a miniature waterproof TV in my shower for when I’m in the shower for 2 hours at a time because I realize I’m lonely in my house and my only other friend is Gertrude my chef.  

My home theater is one of the main attractions, alongside my master bedroom.  My home theater includes Flex HR series seats and the screen is 5 meters tall and 8.5 meters wide with a wide variety of choices on it from the newest of the new movies, not illegally downloaded,  to movies before time was created. All movies and TV shows on the one gigantic screen. To enhance the experience there are 3D glasses and popcorn makers along with fountain drink dispensers. Right next to the theater is my bedroom with carpet flooring,  a California king bed, with memory foam pillows and thick blankets. Next to the bed is another stainless steel silver samsung smart fridge with water cooler and ice dispenser for midnight snacks and drinks.  

Of course the reality of having my dream house is one in a million  so I won’t get my hopes up. My dream house would be perfect to me and one of the best anyone has ever seen because of all my goods.  Of course I would need to be rich to have this house and I am far from rich at the moment. I would do almost anything to spend a whole week in my dream house.

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