The Hero’s Journey in The Terminator 2

Many movies and books follow a certain pattern. A formula you could say. They all follow the Hero’s journey. The Hero’s journey includes the ordinary world, the call to adventure, refusing the call, crossing the threshold, tests, allies, enemies, the ordeal, the supreme ordeal, and the reward and journey home. One of my favorite movies that accomplish this is, Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  Judgement Day has some of the greatest actors that I know because he has accomplished so much in his life is Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The movies run time is 2 hours and 36 minutes.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

The Terminator is a masterpiece in my mind even though it follows the hero’s journey. I believe this is because you can see the protagonist being the Terminator or John Conner. The terminator starts off with John Conner, the main character, living with his foster parents being a troublemaker while his mother, Sarah Conner, in a mental hospital. John and his friend go to an arcade with money they stole from an ATM which is where the call to adventure starts. A Terminator type T-1000 shaped like a police officer asks around if they have seen John because it was sent there to kill John at whatever cost. When John runs away from the “Police” he gets trapped in a hall cornered by two men walking toward him and suddenly one pulls out a shotgun and shoots the other to protect John from the “police”. John doesn’t believe that this is real and refuses to go on the adventure, refusing the call. He decides to call his foster parents and finds out that they were killed by the T-1000, bad things happen after refusing the call. I personally think that this is a great way to start the film.
This is only part of the journey with crossing the threshold, tests, allies, enemies, the ordeal, the supreme ordeal, and the reward and journey home left. The terminator convinces John to go to the mental hospital to save his mother and they go, crossing the threshold. They make it to the hospital and get to John’s mom. She had also escaped, herself by killing a guard. She sees the Terminator and runs, for he had tried to kill her before John was born. She discovers that the Terminator is their friend and trusts him and they go out the elevator to escape, but it turns out that the Terminator T-1000 had been there too so he could attempt to kill John again but is stopped by the Terminator, creating enemies. The band goes to search for help so they can help Sarah with one of her objectives to destroy a lab where the first Terminator Chip gets built, and succeeds blowing it up but there are tons of police outside of the building, the ordeal.
This is when my favorite part of the movie occurs. The terminator gets a machine gun to shoot all the police with. He terminates almost all of them except for the T-1000 hiding in the group. The T-1000 gets in a helicopter to follow them to try once again. The 3 on the adventure run from the T-1000 in a large truck, not semi-large but like an ambulance. They are followed by the T-1000 and they are almost hit except for the fact that they got in a crash with a semi storing liquid nitrogen freezing the T-1000. The 3 go into a large construction factory with a lava pit in the middle of it. What they don’t know is that the T-1000 isn’t frozen and gets into the building for one more attempt to kill John. There is a whole chase scene and a couple fight scenes between the 2 Terminators and the Terminator T-1000 almost kills the Terminator leaving him on the ground with skin ripped off of him only leaving the metal pieces on the ground. The T-1000 goes off to find John and almost kills him but out of nowhere the Terminator throws him into the lava pool killing him forever, the supreme ordeal. The only problem now is that the Terminator still has a chip that must be destroyed so he has to also go into the lava pool to kill himself for the world’s greater good. Their rewards being alive and having the T-1000 killed and their life goes back to normal for the time being. The reward and journey back.
I think that Terminator 2 is a masterpiece of a film because the film has many points of view’s that we can see. I love this movie even though it has the hero’s journey because it is so much better than other movies and has a better plot than them. When you hear that the movie is a hero’s journey you immediately think that it has the same vibe as other but the terminator is different for some reason but I don’t know why and that’s why I love it. The Terminator 2 is a cinematic masterpiece which is why I enjoy it better than any other.

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