Mars Base: Short Story

I have just got to mars.  The journey here felt like hell.  Three Hundred days of floating in the dark emptiness of space.  The only entertainment is a man who somehow made a radio that can connect to my radio.  Now that I think of it the International Space Station hasn’t contacted me for 100 days. I am starting to think that they forgot about me or a plague has hit the earth hard and nobody has informed me.  It’s different up here. It’s weird not having gravity for a year and then out of the blue having gravity pull your legs to the soil for the first time in what feels like an eternity. Of course, I have been doing my exercises and keeping healthy so my performance in mars is in tip-top shape.  At the moment this amazing planet is empty with no structures on it other than my own ship and the materials to build the Mars 2050 tent system, a system built by the smartest people on planet Earth. It tells me where the most important resources are and how to use them. It is built in a tent that contains oxygen in it so I can take my suit off and start the first mars base.  My ship also contained 20 bags of soil and also plenty of seeds to plant and plenty of water for me to survive at least a year. I think I have made plenty of progress in just the first day though I am not going to sleep in the tent because it feels like there are 1 million pins and needles in my body. It has been a great and productive day so I think I’m going to hit the hay until tomorrow.  

The strangest thing just happened to me last night.  I woke up to the sounds of static on my radio aggressively rumbling with the sound, like somebody was trying to contact me.  At first, I thought it was my pal that I met on my trip here but he had already contacted me when I had gotten to mars. I had to turn the dials a bit to get the message and I got the message.  I was shocked to hear the space station contact me ever since they abandoned me. It was so satisfying knowing that the space station was still running. I figured they hadn’t forgotten me because the man on the radio explained everything.  He told me that the station had to do renovations with their radios so they could contact me on mars. They told me that I could change the world. It was their main priority to start colonizing Mars with their first task being to survey Mars in person.  I exited my ship and stepped on the red soil there wasn’t much to see other than the rock formations and the dusty soil on the ground. I then saw a bright light come out of nowhere. I approached and found one of the most fascinating metals I have ever seen.  I told the station about my discovery and they were amazed. They had never seen anything like it. There is something about this metal. It feels extremely precious. I feel like smeagle from the Hobbit. I feel like this metal is worth more than my life. Is that why I’m here, to find a metal that the world could use.  I feel so powerful having this metal. Two hours have passed of me just planting all of my crops and placing soil down. I think I might go on another survey of the land to see what else I can find. I passed through plenty of hills looking like I’m in the badlands. I found nothing on my survey and as much as I would like to continue on my survey it is getting late and I need to sleep for health reasons so I will have to write more tomorrow.

Day 3 had passed.  Nothing really exciting occurred other than me staying in my tent helping my plants grow.  Though I am concerned, I have found a giant cloud of dust in the distance that looked like it had started to come closer to me.  This means my tent might be destroyed and I might get demolished by millions of tiny rocks. Worst-case scenario my ship gets crushed into a paste and I get killed by rocks penetrating my body.  Best case scenario the storm drifts off a different direction. Now that I think of it this could be the end of my adventure of me living on Mars. I can’t concentrate thinking that I could be dead by tomorrow so I’m going to sleep on it. 
I woke to hear my commander telling me that there is a ship coming for me and the metal I had found.  I thought that this would be the end of my trip to mars until I heard It would be another 3 days until it got here which I find surprising about the tech that had changed in the 300 days.  They now have ships that can go at the speed of light and get anywhere really fast. They have improved so much than when it was 2048. But that is how the world works and I have to do my job.  Today I felt like progressing farther than I could any other day. I put the precious metal in a scanner I found in my tent. I was amazed by what I could do with it. The scanner gave me options to build a new structure.  A metal structure that could withhold any blasts or damage taken by it. It was stronger than diamonds. Anyway, the scanner gave me an option to build a strong small box-like house that I agreed to make. Throughout the day a ton of drones printed the structure for me to live in.  I felt like it wasn’t enough to be a good living home so I used my resource finder from the tent so I could look for resources to turn into furniture. It was the greatest house on Mars that I have ever seen. I am going to sleep satisfied because I had made the first actual Mars base even though I did use a resource that I wasn’t supposed to.  I think I am going to sleep in my new base because the storm is really close to where I am. Before I forget I am going to bring my radio and other valuables inside my base.

I woke up to what sounded like rain.  When I looked out of my little peephole I found that the shuttle crashed and my tent slightly damaged because I had put a screen on top of it when creating my base.  I also got a message that the other shuttle will be early tomorrow. This scared me because of all the things I did that I wasn’t supposed to do, so I made a plan to stay on Mars.  So far Mars hasn’t been that exciting and my base was invincible so what I decided to do was lock my house door when they come. I also needed to move the plants into a base with indestructibility so I went on an expedition to find some more of that sweet sweet metal.  It took me a while but I did find some. I also found the Mars Curiosity rover and fixed it up to be like my friend in space. When I got back to my base I quickly built my structure over the plants and moved all the valuable things back into one of my bases. I went to sleep scared and anxious for the next day to come. 

 I woke up and realized today was the day.  I was either going to be sent back home or stay on mars.  The space ship had landed on Mars and was going to pick me up but I just stayed inside.  I locked the door. They knocked on the door telling me that my ride had arrived. He told me that if I didn’t leave now that I would be executed.  I stayed calm until out of nowhere he somehow started cutting down the door so I had no choice but to surrender. He surprisingly wasn’t angry that I had wasted the metal.  It felt like defeat when I boarded the ship. It told me that considering the consequences I should always do the right thing. I do feel proud that I was the first man on Mars which I count as a victory.

At last, my trip was over.  I feel like my time was wasted counting it took me almost a year to get to Mars but they took me back only a week later.  The good thing about this is that I am now a national icon and I was told I changed the world forever. I have been told I will be sent on more expeditions for the days to come but for now, all I can do is be grateful.

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