Hobbies are important in my mind.  To distract myself from how hard things are to come.  I have my specific hobbies myself, for example, I like drawing, animating, and on occasion exercising.  

Drawing is my favorite hobby I have.  I have been working on all different types of styles of art.  Manga, Cartoon, and a wee bit realistic.  I very rarely draw anything nature or beauty themed because that isn’t my style.  My most recent drawing is a parody of a character, and my second most recent drawing is a cartoon i’ve been working on for at least 20 hours.  I am not the best but I do try my best but it really is just a fun thing I love to do when I’m bored or want to draw.

Animating is an entire different thing.  Animating is so much more time consuming and personally I would say it is harder.  I’ve been working on animating for maybe a month now, maybe 5-7 hours total and I only have a simple basic animation that any actual animator could make in maybe 30 minutes.  There is a lesson to be learned by my trial and error with animating and that is, things take time to get good at, things take time in general.  I read online that it takes around 1-3 weeks just to make a 10-30 second animation, solo that is.  I know that it may seem that animating is drawing but just longer but the truth is it isn’t.  There is so much more you have to do, 15 steps just to draw shading.  I think animating is a good hobby for me because it has a possibility to turn into a career

And of course my least favorite but an important hobby exercise.  I have a wide range of exercises that I do ranging from running to weight lifting.  A full body exercise. Sure I do sometimes stop for a couple of days for my muscle to stop hurting but in the end I always come back to it.  I personally don’t like exercising, I would much rather do other things with my time like, draw, watch tv, etc, but when all of that gets old and boring I exercise.  Even though I don’t like it, it makes me better, more fit and athletic, I can sleep better, I feel like a better person.  I think that life is a lot better when you exercise.  It feels great afterwards, there are many benefits and I can actually come back to doing it when I forget to.  That is why exercise is one of my hobbies.

My hobbies vary from other types of hobbies, even though they are generic and simple they are my actual hobbies.  The great thing about all of my hobbies is that I can do them anytime,  I don’t have to wait for quarantine to end because I can do it all at my house.  Drawing, animating, and exercising are all my favorite hobbies.

All of these hobbies that I have also match my motivation survey.  The results are independence and achievement.  I believe these are true because nobody is making me do exercise,  nobody’s making me do drawing and animating and the achievement part is correct too because I work to achieve a specific goal.  I do find it weird how a computer can tell you more about yourself than you realize. It is really great to know why I like the hobbies that I have.

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