layer mask

I have just finished my forrest gum project, it doesn’t look the best but I tried.

First step I found a picture of a JFK speech, second I threw it into gimp by hitting file on the top of the screen and then hitting new making a horizon style white layer then adding a new layer to the white layer making it transparent then pasting the meeting on that layer using select on the hot bar.  Secondly I duplicated my first picture by pressing right click on the layer and took a picture of myself and threw it into the picture of JFK’s meeting.

I then duplicated that picture into another layer and started on removing the background.  to do this I went and hit colours and then hit deserter then turn to gray.

I then hit colours and hit invert to make things easier on me.  After that I Outlined myself in black using the brush tool and then hi-lighted myself white. 

After that I hit select all by going to the select tool cut that layer went down to the layer with JFK.

I then created another layer mask by right clicking on layers and hitting create new layer mask

then I hit edit paste.

I then did a bit of trimming with an eraser and turned the entire picture to gray so it looks more realistic. And bing bang bop I had finished my picture

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