Inkscape: vector image trace.

what I have started doing today is tracing over an image and making it into a cartoon looking thing.  First thing I did was find a picture I chose a flamingo because I like flamingos.  The first thing I did was hit file and import.  When I found my photo I imported it on then what I did was hit document properties and chose PX instead of MM and I also turned of page border.

I then hit view and hit custom on it. I then hit Zoom 1 : 1.

I then hit the edit objects colours etc button and then the layers button two buttons to the right.

I then turned the transparency of the first image down to about 60 and created a new layer.    I then hit the bezier tool and to click once on one place then I held down click and Made a curve and hit enter to make a black line I did that all around and then filled it with dark grey.  I then made a new layer and repeated with the head body etc.

I ended up with 3 different one with a background and 2 without

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