Here are all the things I did to make my t-shirt design.

Step one I found an image and a background.  I used a flamingo and a colourful background.

I hit file import and chose my flamingo and it was in the middle of the page

I then hit path trace bitmap and used brightness cutoff and hit ok.

I then had a black image.  I hit object fill and stroke.  I hit the X on fill and on stroke I tuned the first and third colour bar all the way up

I then duplicated the pink flamingo for the cutline later.  I then imported my background to the image.

I hit the Flamingo outline hit object raise to top so my flamingo was on top.

I then hit object clip set and had this image.

I then moved my duplicated flamingo outline on top of my picture being a cutline and then I  hit save and sent it to Mr. Sader


Mr. Sader did a whole bunch of stuff with adobe illustrator and sent it to the the printer to print a sticker.  I then used a squeegee snd separated the two layers and put a clear sticky sheet and squeezed all the bubbles out.  I then turned it around and took the sticky paper off and put it on wax paper.

Mr. Sader then took my shirt and put it on the press

He pressed it down for only 7 second to get all the wrinkles and annoying things out.

He then took the sticker of the flamingo took the wax paper off put it on the shirt and pressed down for 14 seconds.

He then opened it and peeled the plastic off the sticker.  He then put another piece of wax paper on the shirt and pressed down for another 7 seconds

When it was done he took it out and put it on a surface so it doesn’t fold on itself and I then had a t-shirt.

Here is a picture of me wearing it.

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