Photo a Day 2

here is my collage of Christmas things.

My Collage

The first picture is 12 goldfish, the second picture is a Santa hat, the third a candle, the fourth snow, the fifth a red box, the sixth a whole bunch of ornaments.

Photo day 1

Here are my before and after photos.

before photo


after photo

What I did to make this picture better is I went on my photo settings and all I did was colour grade it and turned up the brightness. I did this by pressing edit and going to colour then turning it all the way up and i also went to light and turned it 3 quarters up.

Perspective Warp and Puppet Warp

for my third project I decided to use a tool named perspective warp.  First I put my image in photoshop and duplicated it by right clicking on the image and hitting duplicate layer

I then hit edit and choose perspective warp.

I then gives me instructions on how to use it.  around the top left corner there is a set of buttons one for creating warp boxes and one for warping the image. I started off by clicking on my screen creating a box.  I then created another box and connected them by dragging on of the boxes sides to one of the other-boxes sides.

I then posistioned my boxes over the red house where I wanted to warp and I warped away.  I did this by hitting the warp button around the top left.

I then warped my image to my desire and now the red house in the image looks more crooked then before.


puppet warp is different then perspective warp.  with puppet warp you can change a certain image that has certain points to move into a position of your liking.  I used an image of a Bert puppet because it provides a good example.

What i did first was import the image as always

I then hit edit puppet warp and then this happened to my screen with the puppet.

The way puppet warp works is you need to put multiple points on your object to work and only one point can move at a time so if you have two points it will spin around but if you have more it will work and with this you can do all sorts of stuff the first thing I did was squish him i did this by putting one point on his forehead then another on his torso an moving the point on his forehead down near the point of the torso.

I then decided to move his legs so he is almost doing the splits.  I did this by putting allot of points near the upper part of his leg and two points on his feet and slowly moving the two points on his feet up so he is in position.

Cleaning a Photo

Today I took a photo and I decided to make it cleaner and not as messy as it is.

first i took the photo I had and placed it into photoshop. as you can see it doesn’t look the best it can so i decided to fix it up.

The first thing I did was duplicate the original layer I then selected the eyedropper tool to get the right colour of the snow and also the brush-tool to make the snow good.

I then started drawing on the snow switching from eyedropper to brush every 30 seconds so the snow looks realistic in colour and I ended up with this.  I also turned the opacity of the second layer down to around 80% so that it looks more like snow.

i then used the content aware fill to get rid of a couple things.  to use the content aware tool I used the lasso tool (it looks like a little lasso) to select the bit I want to get rid of.

I then right clicked on the barrel and selected fill

I then got a pop up all I did was select content aware and hit OK

and poof it was gone

I then did this to a couple more bits on the picture like a random green thing sticking out of the ground.  I didn’t want to over do it so I let that be the end of my journey. This is my final image. I also did a couple of touch ups after I had finished so that it doesn’t look as photoshoped as it is.

Adding colour

I just took a photo on my anchorage and I just realized how little colour there is in the picture so I decided to fix it using photoshop.

The first thing I did was take my original picture and putting it into photoshop. I did this by hitting create new and selecting a file from my computer. I then had this picture on my screen.

What I did next was I created duplicate of the image by right clicking the image and hitting duplicate layer.  I then made a new layer using the button on the bottom right it is the one that is an addition sign in a box.

I then changed the blend mode to Hue on the new layer that I created.  I also changed the opacity to 70 which is a bit high but I want the colours to be seen.


I then went and chose the brush tool and made the brush quite large because the photo is large. i dis this by clicking on the circle on the top of the screen and changing the settings using the sliders.

I then changed my colours to the colours I would like by using the colour box on the top right hand side, and when i changed the colour to my liking I just clicked on the grass multiple times to get the colour right and it blended quite well to my surprise.

The bottom corner of the photo with using colour

I then did this for the entire picture changing colours to match the picture and thus was my final result

I also changed the brightness/contrast just to pull it all together.  I did this by hitting adjustments on the top and hitting brightness/contrast the one that looks like half a sun.

after i hit that I just played around with the bars to get a brightness I like.

Here is a before and after of the image.