Adding colour

I just took a photo on my anchorage and I just realized how little colour there is in the picture so I decided to fix it using photoshop.

The first thing I did was take my original picture and putting it into photoshop. I did this by hitting create new and selecting a file from my computer. I then had this picture on my screen.

What I did next was I created duplicate of the image by right clicking the image and hitting duplicate layer.  I then made a new layer using the button on the bottom right it is the one that is an addition sign in a box.

I then changed the blend mode to Hue on the new layer that I created.  I also changed the opacity to 70 which is a bit high but I want the colours to be seen.


I then went and chose the brush tool and made the brush quite large because the photo is large. i dis this by clicking on the circle on the top of the screen and changing the settings using the sliders.

I then changed my colours to the colours I would like by using the colour box on the top right hand side, and when i changed the colour to my liking I just clicked on the grass multiple times to get the colour right and it blended quite well to my surprise.

The bottom corner of the photo with using colour

I then did this for the entire picture changing colours to match the picture and thus was my final result

I also changed the brightness/contrast just to pull it all together.  I did this by hitting adjustments on the top and hitting brightness/contrast the one that looks like half a sun.

after i hit that I just played around with the bars to get a brightness I like.

Here is a before and after of the image.

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