Cleaning a Photo

Today I took a photo and I decided to make it cleaner and not as messy as it is.

first i took the photo I had and placed it into photoshop. as you can see it doesn’t look the best it can so i decided to fix it up.

The first thing I did was duplicate the original layer I then selected the eyedropper tool to get the right colour of the snow and also the brush-tool to make the snow good.

I then started drawing on the snow switching from eyedropper to brush every 30 seconds so the snow looks realistic in colour and I ended up with this.  I also turned the opacity of the second layer down to around 80% so that it looks more like snow.

i then used the content aware fill to get rid of a couple things.  to use the content aware tool I used the lasso tool (it looks like a little lasso) to select the bit I want to get rid of.

I then right clicked on the barrel and selected fill

I then got a pop up all I did was select content aware and hit OK

and poof it was gone

I then did this to a couple more bits on the picture like a random green thing sticking out of the ground.  I didn’t want to over do it so I let that be the end of my journey. This is my final image. I also did a couple of touch ups after I had finished so that it doesn’t look as photoshoped as it is.

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