Perspective Warp and Puppet Warp

for my third project I decided to use a tool named perspective warp.  First I put my image in photoshop and duplicated it by right clicking on the image and hitting duplicate layer

I then hit edit and choose perspective warp.

I then gives me instructions on how to use it.  around the top left corner there is a set of buttons one for creating warp boxes and one for warping the image. I started off by clicking on my screen creating a box.  I then created another box and connected them by dragging on of the boxes sides to one of the other-boxes sides.

I then posistioned my boxes over the red house where I wanted to warp and I warped away.  I did this by hitting the warp button around the top left.

I then warped my image to my desire and now the red house in the image looks more crooked then before.


puppet warp is different then perspective warp.  with puppet warp you can change a certain image that has certain points to move into a position of your liking.  I used an image of a Bert puppet because it provides a good example.

What i did first was import the image as always

I then hit edit puppet warp and then this happened to my screen with the puppet.

The way puppet warp works is you need to put multiple points on your object to work and only one point can move at a time so if you have two points it will spin around but if you have more it will work and with this you can do all sorts of stuff the first thing I did was squish him i did this by putting one point on his forehead then another on his torso an moving the point on his forehead down near the point of the torso.

I then decided to move his legs so he is almost doing the splits.  I did this by putting allot of points near the upper part of his leg and two points on his feet and slowly moving the two points on his feet up so he is in position.

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