So I decided to print an object onto a bag here are the steps.  First I opened up illustrator and clicked on open and I opened this file.

I then clicked the art-board tool and made the square in the middle just a bit bigger than the original image.

I then added a new layer in the layers panel on the right hand side and hit new layer in the bottom right

I then took the rectangle tool and dragged it making sure its in the second layer is selected from inside the image just a bit from corner to corner.

I then hit the properties file and turned of fill and turned on stroke

I then rounded the corners and saved it into my cloud so I can send it to Mr.Sader on monday.

And he told me that the RGB at the end of the name makes the black blacker then the cbtv.

I then sent it so Mr.Sader where he did a whole bunch of settings to send it to his printer.  He put his sticker paper in and printed it.  I then waited for it to dry before squigeeing it until the next day.  i took the extra paper off and I was left with this.

I then put a sticky piece of paper onto it and took all the air bubbles out.  I then took the paper off and put wax paper on it where I took it to the heat press and pressed it.

down I then took the image and put it on the bag as straight as I could and put wax paper on it and pressed down. I then took off the sticky sheet and put wax paper on the picture and pressed it dow & boom I had this bag.