Communication Skills Test.

90-100   You have a great grasp of communication thorough understand of how and when to use problem solving                       skills in diverse conflict situation.

71-89    You are a strong communicator who understands concepts of interpersonal dynamics. There are still a few                   areas of communication you can grow in.

51-70   You haven a basic understanding of communication principles. However, there is room for improvement in                    several areas in your communication approach which will help you in different situations.

20-50   Your communication effectiveness is not what it could be. You have multiple areas of growth which needs to                  be worked on in order for you to communicate clearly with others on a regular basis.

When a person is talking to me I tend to focus just on them and their words. I’m rarely distracted and I show my full attention. Once in a while if the conversation is not interesting to me I tend to lead off which sometimes makes me seem a bit rude and I would like to be able to show my attention all the time. When I took the survey I concluded to have 77 of a score. This means my communication skills are above average but I still can improve, I believe everyone can still improve no matter what. I’m proud of my results and I hope to be able to improve in the future.

I received my results from my classmates taking the survey and the average number was 73 meaning they are strong communicators and understands interpersonal dynamics. But the kids that took my survey still have areas of improvements that they need which is not bad.

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