The True Test of Ones Character

Matthew 24:37-44

To behave as if no one is watching to me is to be yourself without having to worry or care. Its like dance like no body is watching, your not gonna get embarrassed. Sure somethings are wrong to do when no one is watching but just like the title says, that’s the true test of a person’s character, whether or not they are good or bad actions. That’s how you should judge a person but then again, no one is watching…

If you keep behaving like Jesus is coming your probably acting like an angel. You don’t know when he’s coming though, its at an unexpected hour, what do you do? I think it means to be clean and non sinful for the Lord will be among us. Who would want to upset the Lord? No one. Everyone would be acting perfect and lying to them and everyone else just because the Lord is coming, and now you see, someone is watching. People are no longer themselves to just please another person. It’s something to me that a lot of people do to impress another person.

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