Crystal Was Here December 9

When Crystal joined our classroom yesterday she started by talking about our talking habits and what we do by accident like repeat stories we already told and not keeping our attention when in a conversation. She then taught us a few things about coping with distraction and stress by showing us 3 videos. The first one was an attention one, where we counted how many passes were made by one team, while we did this no one noticed the bear moonwalking across the screen. Bear Video . The next video was a spin off where we also had to count the number of passes but this time we all saw the gorilla walk into frame and out, what we didn’t notice was the background colour change. Gorilla Video . The final one showed clips of people getting fooled by getting asked directions while the person asking switches to another person… once again, no one noticed. Switch in the Street Video . All of these videos showed us how easy it is to lose attention in any environment, which taught me and a few others in my class on how we can improve our attention in conversations and in every other activities.

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