My Interests -Dawson Bessette

After taking my blueprint survey on knowledge, I leaned towards a more science like career. I’m also interested in mathematics and I definitely enjoy computers like editing for example.

I never showed of interest in science class throughout my years in school, but I never really struggled with the subject. Science comes easy to me and although I don’t enjoy the topic to the point of making a career of it, It’s still one of my top 3 subjects. The idea of research, experimentation and technology certainly catches my interests but not as much as the thought of editing or mathematics, even though the survey showed otherwise.

Math class has always caught my attention, all of the numbers and equations, and how math just makes sense to me. It’s definitely my top favourite subject out of any. Math can also be challenging but with all of the rules and how everything comes together, the subject just really just interests me. There are a few careers to do with math, like a statistician, or engineer and more according to the alis website in the “math” results section.

One activity I really enjoy doing that is not exactly a school subject is editing. Computers really interest me and how helpful they are, with all the different softwares and tools to help out. Plus the idea of all the different components in a computer and how they work together to make the entire computer work, I am really intrigued by the whole computer mainly because a computer just seems so complex to learn and I like challenges.

All of these different subjects and interests really make me think what I want my career to be when I am older. I like the idea of something to dow with math or even science but since I really enjoy sports I would want to implement them into my career somehow. I still don’t know exactly what I want to be but I know my career will have something to do with science, math, or computers and definitely sports.

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