Dream List

What is it all about?

It’s about achieving your dreams by writing them out and looking at them each day to remind yourself.

What does Mark imagine will be written on his gravestone?


“Some people think we shouldn’t even play the game?” What else could this mean?

By playing the game he means by trying to complete unreachable goals that some people will even tell you to give up.

Who was Richard Simmons and what was “Dancing With The Oldies”?

Simmons was an American dance instructor and comedian. Sweating with the Oldies not Dancing, was a fitness video.

How many times have you heard a motivational talk? What sorts of ideas are common to them all? What was something unique you heard from Mark Scharenbroich today?

I’ve heard motivational talks a lot. Ideas like writing down your dreams or your supposed to have goals and dreams are common to a lot of motivational talks. Something unique with Mark’s talk is how he points out what “motivational talks do and how non-unique they are”. That makes him unique because it makes you want to write down your goals instead of just being told to.

Explain what Mark meant by “How can I motivate you if you can’t motivate yourself?”

What he meant by this is he can’t motivate you if you’re not motivated to do better yourself.

Who is Jamie Clarke and what did his team do to Mount Everest?

Jamie Clarke was a Canadian adventurer who summitted Mount Everest twice.

What do you want? How hard do you want to work for it? How long will you work to get it?

I want to be successful and feel achievement by completing my goals in life, I work decently hard to achieve this like keeping my grades up in class and working hard in sports. I’ll be working my whole life to achieve all of my goals.

Who was Al Capone? What advice did he give to a “seminar of gangsters”?

He was a leader of a Chicago mafia, he said “to be successful in business you need a smile, an enforcer, and a plan, you gotta get rid of one of them lose the smile, if you need to lose another one lose the enforcer. But never lose the plan.”

How often can you listen to “Unchained Melody”?

You can listen to Unchained Melody as much as you like. There’s no limit to listening to any song.

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