Dream List

Your dreams, there what drive you to be better than you are in the present. They shape your future and provide a goal to work towards. Achieving your dreams isn’t the actual challenge, its to actually start working towards your end goal. Mark talks a lot about goals and dreams in his speech and brings up lots of great points on how to achieve them. He talks about motivation and how other people become successful. I just start out with one dream list.

“How am I supposed to motivate you if you can’t motivate yourself?” Wise words of Mr. Shake and bake. This statement is him saying you need to acquire that motivation yourself, he just will help bring it out of you. People like Jamie Clarke are the kind people that set their mind to something and achieved it with great determination, he’s now also a public speaker and has lots of great stories on his website to share about his accomplishments. In my dream list, I had many achievements to complete. One big one of mine in a sports category to do before I graduate was to be able to dunk. I have much more as well, play a year in jr B and obviously stay fir for the majority of my life.

Another big dream of mine is to do exceptional in my academics, I want to make into a college and graduate high school with an 80 or higher average. I also in my life would like to get a decent job as well as move out after graduation and live in BC. My long-term goals are my favorite ones because they make me thrive to be what I wrote down to be.

One current goal of mine includes my hockey team, we are currently just starting a new season and I hope to see us win the league. Having this goal in mind it motivates me, a great example of what Mark said in his speech. Most of my goals have to do with current events, I recently decided I want to play football so I also hope that happens, and with it on my dream list that Mark said to look at every day, I’m sure it will take place.

As a class we put these goals down on a menu, this is because Mark said to stare at our dreams as much as we stare at fast food menus. That’s one of my favorite sayings he stated in his speech in the video we watched because it makes a lot of sense and relates to almost everyone.

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