Qualities of a Friendship -Dawson Bessette

Bonding with another human and creating shared experiences with someone is a special thing called friendship. Being able to tell my friend something you know will be kept a secret and valued is a great feeling. To share great memories having a comedic¬†friend is also a positive to make those memories that much better. A companion that’s patient and calm helps me also stay calm in situations where we are on the verge of freaking out.

When a situation arrives in my life I usually like to tell only one of my friends. They are the one that actually would listen and maybe even help my circumstances going on in my life. I always know that what I tell him wouldn’t get around because he keeps what I share with him between us. Having this quality in a friend is most important because not every friendship comes with this perk.

Whether we’re sitting at home or going into stores to shop, having a friend that can turn the situation into something that much better is a great part of a friends personality to have. Adding laughter and smiles to almost every environment creates a long-lasting, happy memory. Even when times get tough I have a friend to help me get through the stormy situation I’m in. Being funny and outgoing always is a positive when it comes to personality.

Life always brings a curve ball out of nowhere but with a patient and kind friend around they can always help me calm down and assess how I would get out of this rough patch. A friend that can use his listening skills and actually help my situation instead of just taking the information and ignoring it. Being able to do this is a highly valued quality and is one of the best ways a friend could be helpful.Image result for patient person

If a friend is strong in all of these values he is a great companion to have in my eyes. A patient, well listening, funny, friend helps me get through my years of schooling pretty easily.



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