What it means to be human

To be a human being doesn’t mean to just breathe, eat, and walk. There is much more to being a human especially in today’s world, but what does it mean to be human anywhere, everywhere and at all times in the universe?

To be a human you must carry human qualities. These aren’t just general qualities, they need to be applicable anywhere and everywhere in the universe at all times. This means that breathing isn’t just a human quality, it could be a trait to almost every living thing. You see, a rock for example always and will always have mass or weight, it also will have a positive and negative charge, everywhere and at all times in the universe. Traits like these are exclusive to inanimate objects like a rock. But we are talking about what it means to be human, the biggest and most important quality to be human, I believe, is to think. Yes, animals may “think” but they don’t have human thoughts. The thought of creating a fire or the thought of hunting an animal to put clothes on their back. This is a very strong attribute for humans and is what most separates us from other living things besides how we walk on two legs. Image result for universe

Bunnies, a living thing that obviously is not a human can reproduce like humans, be active like humans, and grow as humans also grow. What separates us once more is communication, sure bunnies have to communicate in some way but we are humans, I am a human writing this. We communicate with words and body language, not like rabbits. We are the most intelligent beings on the Earth and therefore once again, another quality that separates us from everything else on this planet.

There are many qualities of many things on the Earth, the qualities that really matter are the ones that always apply to something wherever and whenever anywhere in the universe. Those are the traits that fully separate out everything.




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