Easter in Greece

With traditions all around the world, there is bound to be some similarities and some differences between countries. Canada and Greece, for example, share some commonalities but for the most part, Greece’s holidays are almost always unique. When it comes to Easter holiday, for example, there are many traditions involved all around the country.

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One of the first things you will notice when you enter the country┬áis the mass amounts of churches. Greece is known worldwide for the vast amount of these worshipping buildings which gives them a very strong sense of faith. Like Canada mass is in session all year round but where the differences come into play is how they take place. They prohibit sitting during mass in Greece and the ceremonies seem much more relaxed and not as “strict” you could say. Also, the readings are carried outside by the use of speakers and in times like Easter, this is very useful due to the limited amount of space in a church. There are also many more traditions during the Easter celebrations in Greece, they are also known for the huge amount of fireworks used during the special day of Christ. Lots of flowers, smiles, and fasting also take place just like here in Canada, but here in Greece, there is much, much more.

Image result for greece churchThe entire environment in Greece seems to be pretty great, I’d love to visit one day and after hearing about all of these celebrations I’m excited to go even more. Greece is filled with tons of traditions and many I don’t even know exist yet which I want to learn. Imagine having, Easter in Greece.

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