Multi, a term used to describe 2 or more items. When combined with the worde verse we get a definition of something called a multiverse. Now, what does this mean, Stephen Hawking was beginning to think the same thing before his death but people still need an explanation as to what he was talking about before he was interrupted.

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Ever since I was a little boy I always would think, humans, are not as big as we assume we are. Id always has dreams or visions that we are just living in a particle called the Milky Way but compared to the rest of “our” universe we aren’t really anything. The idea of different life on other planets increases how small our species is and with the more discoveries of more galaxy, we continue to shrink. But now, with Stephen Hawking coming out with these theories on the multiverse, we are now becoming a spec, a spec in this entire, well, I don’t know what to call it. Universe? World? Really we are a spec in this everything. As Christians, this quickly reminds us of the expression “seventh heaven”. It refers to being in a greater state outside of heaven. When you’re enjoying something so great people may use this expression which sounds close to the same idea as the multiverse, don’t you think?

Image result for stephen hawkingWith so many answers to several questions, Stephen Hawking was a pleasure to have on this Earth and it’s sad he had to go. He came up with so many theories, so many explanations, it was too soon for him to go. Plus he needed to finish his multiverse theory but maybe he will be able to do that up in seventh heaven.

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