”Personal Hell”

Analyzing the novel titled “The Lord of the Flies”, in chapter two a familiar character named Ralph states the words, “we ought to die before we let the fire go out’’. During this time Ralph mostly meant the fire was important for a signal, to create smoke and eventually find rescue. In addition to his initial intentions, the quote has much more meaning than what is first examined. The teenage boy’s words meant more, I perceived his message to a greater extent, in life. The fire representing what drives a human to continue their life routine without falling apart or having a crisis. Without the fire, there would be no hope.

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Nearing the end of the chapter is when Ralphs existential crisis starts to appear. This is when we hear him put much emphasis on the fire and where he questions whether or not he should continue leading the group of boys. At this time not everyone seemed to listen or follow the rules. They all started to grow some sort of ignorance towards the rules even though Ralph tries reminding them, the rules is all they got. Just as the fire keeps a person’s drive and needs to achieve, following the rules majority has set out also gives order and safety granting an easier existence.

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A bucket list is a piece of paper with plans written by an individual with the intent to complete everything on the list before they pass away. Sometimes people don’t get to the end due to many different reasons. The people that do or the people that try, they are the ones that kept the fire going, they used different motivations every day and stayed with their fire. The ones that don’t, the ones that choose rebellion or death instead of keeping that fire, they begin to struggle. People within that society will also become affected by this person’s actions and therefore possibly damage their well-being.

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Reading from Luke 3:16 he describes a man worthy of baptizing with the Holy Spirit, and fire. Reading the bible verse I never corresponded the fire with anything. But when he says this man’s sandal straps are not worthy of being untied this meant he is of great fire burning with his spirit. When he baptizes a person with the fire he’s granting him with the fire and drive I previously mentioned. A captivation with much more meaning. Not only will his baptisms have the purpose to steer the receiver into God’s light but with the fire, hope is washed over them. Ralph puts the same amount of meaning on his fire, his fire is the hope to become rescued. Without it, there is no clear chance of rescue.

Fire is a powerful tool, we as humans used flames since the start of mankind. We use heat in many different ways, we need this to survive. Although fire is mostly seen as just a bright, hot element from the outside, fire means much more. Its hope burning within mankind, its what keeps a society together. When members of any society start to lose hope, that’s when times start to become rough.

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