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This does not occur to often but when it does it usually stays around for a week or so. There is one time in particular where I slept for fifteen minutes all night. It was a typical day in summer, did yard work, nothing to special. When I went to go to bed around 10:30 my brain came to life. This was a couple weeks before a wedding and fishing trip as well. I tossed and turned until quarter after eleven or so, finally I just accepted defeat and laid there allowing my brain to go places. It started off with wondering what am I going to do tomorrow, I thought of a massive list that I knew was not going to get accomplished. Around 1:00 AM I began to think about the drive up to wedding and what directions we will be going, what the weather will be like, will the highways be busy. I was thinking with no meaning, it seemed almost pointless to me but for an unknown reason I went along with my brain. While I lay in bed I listen to the coyotes howl and birds chirp, pondering if they ever get any sleep. 2:00 AM roles around and I begin to think about the fishing trip to Dore lake in North central Saskatchewan. I begin to debate with myself what hook I want to use, a red five of diamonds or black devil for the first cast. After a while I worry about catching any fish at all. It then turns into will I catch the most fish the biggest fish. I never accomplished either however I was the perfect net man. Before I know it it is roughly 3:45 AM and my main concern is weather I will be able to fillet the fish without bones. On my back I practice the angle of my hand which I can’t see because it is dark, I just hope I’m doing it correctly. First off I practised doing the pike with a new method to remove the “Y” bones. This one is known as the five fillet method. Turns out I was quite good at after the first couple fish, I guess practising in the dark does the trick. I began thinking about the walleye, I knew those were easier but I’ve only attempted these once and I butchered it. I continued with my idea of fun at four in the morning, practising how to fillet walleye this go round. By this time it was just after five in the morning and I worry that I will not think at all, I’m curious to know if my mom is up because she does not sleep well either. I do become mad at her because she gave me the genes of not being able to sleep. Eventually I dose off right after 8:00 AM and I wake up just before 8:30. That was one of the longest days of my life. The majority of people who are effected by insomnia have to deal with sleepy days and not being able to focus. Others will suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Medical conditions include strokes, seizures and even heart disease. More often than not this condition improves when stress in life disappears or becomes less.

The Reasons to Believe

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Why do we believe? What has Christianity actually done for the world that is positive? Where is the proof of His existence? With just three questions we create a ridiculous amount of debate and multiple sides that try and prove why one is right and why the others are not. As Christians we have came up with proof for our beliefs. One of which talks about the four primary questions, another concept we’ve brought up is the Lewis Trilemma. Of course we can’t forget about our conscience and how it is the voice of the will of God. last but certainly not least despair.

Can something come from nothing? As of today’s day in age we have not been able to create an Oreo cookie out of a shoe box yet. But Kreeft acknowledges the fact that we could be wrong and there is an one in a trillion trillion chance. Does God exist? This is a simple yes or no question. He either does or He doesn’t. Even though we have no physical proof that God exists we still make the conscious choice to believe in God, and prove why we believe in the First Mover. We are faced with the concept of our souls being immortal. It has to be. Either it has always been here or it is always going to be here. Our souls are created at the moment of conception. Our free will always be there but it is up to us to listen to our conscience and decide whether it is the right choice to make or not. Our conscience is our bodyguard of our soul, it can advise us to the right direction but if we don’t listen to it we damage our souls.

Is Jesus a Liar, Lunatic or Lord? Based off of our proofs He is a Lord. We are forgiven of our sins whenever we desire. He has always been here and he will come back at the end of time. Two out of the three have been completed, however we are still waiting for the end of time, who knows when that will be?

We are constantly faced with this concern of despair, we all know people who have despair but we often just tell them it will be fine but we rarely do anything about it. We need a bench to show those who are having a hard time that they are not alone and there are many others like them and many more willing to help them through their tough times. Despair lets Jesus know who is true followers are by who is willing to help and understand how others are feeling.

Those are only three reasons why we as Christians believe Jesus and God exists, personally I believe they are pretty convincing but however they are still those who think we are lunatics. If we just do what we can hopefully others will see why we believe in the Lord.

Figures of speech – Sunrise on the Veld

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Personification – The grass stood on its shoulders. How can grass stand without any legs or feet.

Paradox – Dogs running free. The dogs are not free it may appear that way but in all reality the canines are under the control of their master, who in this case was a 15 year old boy.

Hyperbole – I could walk forever and never tire. This what he thinks but he cannot walk for an eternity and if he can why does he need to sleep. Why doesn’t he go to the woods earlier.

Simile – The marbles he had, represented the years that had past.

Metaphor -The boy kicking sulkily at the skeleton

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incredulous – A person or something unable or unwilling to believe something. In relation to the context of the short story this occurs when the boy finds the deer being eating alive he confirms with himself over and over that it was not his fault. It was natures way and he should not interrupt it.

Vigilant – Keeping a careful watch for danger, the context for this is found when the boy is sleeping but his mind is watching all movements around him like a hawk.

Eternity – Eternity is related to the context of the story when the boy acts hubris about himself and how he can run for an eternity.

Foliage – This is the build up of leaves, trees and other debris. When the boy goes walking through the dark tunnel of foliage.

Triumph – This means a great victory or achievement.  The boy feels triumphant, hubris and even in control over mother nature.



Found Poem 1

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Do you understand English
What is the purpose of your visit
Where do I buy the Nike shoes
People don't read the signs

Would you like to eat to bite
There cheap and long and usually about men killing each other
That's something a man like you will never understand
You've been inhaling to many cleaning products

I wait
What do you wait for
Why do you wait for so long
Where to expect to find what you've been waiting for
Who has what your waiting for

I wait

First Line Auction – He Walked Alone

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Stumbling around a back alley
Crying because his heart was broken
He tried to drink the pain away
He tried but did not succeed

He is now on a main road
In dark clothing
He still has no idea where he is
In the distance he can sees
  A reflection of a red light on the ground

He turned around and a car just missed him
He starts walking again
He is now facing traffic
The possibility of him dying increases greatly with every drink

As he rounds the corner 
He is blinded by the light
He is hit by a half ton
He walked alone

Translation: Idea to Image Poem

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The rage inside me builds up like a wildfire fueled by gasoline
The anger just bursts out
The agony is unbearable
I don't know how I'm going to make it 
I cannot control myself 
I cannot go without inhaling 
I cannot function without 
I cannot be happy without
I need ecstasy

The pain is overwhelming 
But it's the only way I can escape it
I'm never going to get better
No one likes me
I am  not worth it
My well being might as well be history
I can't do it anymore
I've held on as long as I could
I quit

An Emotional Landscape

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As I drive down an old back road
The sunset so gorgeous over the slough 
Out run six deer, three dose and two fawns
They all look at me 

I turn the truck off, slowly start walking in their direction
Not even the fawns moved a muscle 
When I got within twenty feet they started coming to me 
I reached out my hand to one of the dose, a fawn ran underneath and allowed me to pet it

Soon I had all six deer around me
About twenty minutes passed by, it was getting dark
 So I said my goodbyes and was off

Ten Minute Spill

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As the wind whirs past my hair
Some cauliflower clouds roll in 
They remind me of my mother's homemade cauliflower casserole
As I walk hallway at the doctor's office
Try to act brave like a lion, but truly I am petrified inside 
The needle is tenderly put into my arm
I am told I will be allowed to eat all the strawberries I want
 As long as we don’t fall off a cliff on the way home

Five Easy Pieces

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Her hands as soft as a kitten 
Fur running through her fingers 
Her hand again strokes the kitten from head to tail
The kitten begins to purr
Her eyes were fireflies, but with an evil look 
They shine bright like the northern lights over the Alaskan mountains
Her eyes were bright blue, they reminded me the lone wolf with the same look in his eye
She was my only true friend, but we don’t seen each other
She promised me this would be the last time I see her
I look into her bright blue eyes and ask her 
“Why is that” 
With a tears falling off of her face she stares right back and says 
“I’m  leaving now… bye”