Pre Game Hype

Posted: 17th February 2016 by dallen in Uncategorized

Pre Game Hype
It was my second year pee wee playing with the Vermilion Tigers tier three. I was number 4 and was the assistant captain along with Denver Selte, we only two assistants because our Coaches Darren Selte and assistant coach Eric Fadden decided that we were the best two suited for the job.

On a Sunday in the month of March we faced off against a team that had gotten dropped down from tier two which was the Hughenden Rockets. This was the fifth time of the year that we played them and they beat us twice and we tied twice.

On the day of the league final our team warmed up with the most effort I’ve ever seen. It was amazing. The effort and teamplay was the best we’ve ever done.

In the dressing room everyone was giving ideas on what to do to help us win and they were the best all season. Just before we went onto the ice everyone gave words of encouragement. Here is what I said.

” I don’t care if we win or lose all I care is that each and everyone tries their best and if we do that we will be our own champions of Vermilion”

During warm up when our team was shooting pucks to warm up the hands I went and talked to the Hughendin captain and I asked him.

” Who is going to win this game” and he said ” whoever wants it more “. That statement couldn’t be more correct to this day.

After the talk with the Hughendin captain I told my team what had happened and they were amazed by how true that was.

Thirty seconds until the drop of the puck Darren our coach said. ” All I ask of you guys is to try your best” and that is what we did.

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  1. knario says:

    even though you didn’t win.. Good job that was a close fight!

  2. Sean Ulrich says:

    Good post. Did you end up winning?

  3. dallen says:

    No we lost in overtime 6-5.

  4. mbeaudette says:

    I totally remember that! I was number 6 that year!