Riddles of Existence

Posted: 2nd March 2016 by dallen in Uncategorized

Riddles of Existence

Riddles are in my opinion are trick questions with answers that are very difficult to find. Sometimes we just aren’t looking in the right direction or have our minds in the right place of mind but I believe all riddles of existence can be solved.

Technology has become a big part of our culture in the last few years. Some may argue that it controls us but I disagree. Nowadays most ten year olds have some sort of technology such as a Ipad, tablet, Xbox, playstation etc. Some of these kids will go and enjoy nature and the outdoors while others stay inside working their thumbs and index fingers until they get bored then they will take a break from it.

Many people say that some things are impossible but I believe all things are possible with the right frame of mind and a very powerful heart. These days people have done things they have only dreamed of especially with the technology we have nowadays. Such as going to the moon, making it all the way to the bottom of the ocean etc. So I’d say anything and everything is possible as long as put all of your heart and effort into the task at hand.

Gravity is all around us while we are on the earth. The law of gravity is a true law because it brings all things back to earth. Even though we can send thing out of the atmosphere that only works because the force that we give it is more powerful than gravity. Gravity is so strong that it can pull the ocean.

I believe that all riddle of existence will all be solved one day. Weather that is in five years or five centuries they will be solved.


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  1. interesting topics.great job

  2. shyann says:

    This is a good post but i also agree that not all the riddles will be solved.

  3. skye says:

    Awesome answers, but you could incorporate the book you were reading.

  4. lveitch says:

    I agree with matthew on this one

  5. kwoywitka says:

    Nice job, but I don’t think all the questions will be solved.

  6. Sean Ulrich says:

    Good job. I think some things won’t be solved by humans until they die and go to heaven.

  7. rcampbell says:

    Good answers but I do not fully agree. I do not think all the riddles will get solved.

  8. cdowner says:

    Good job, but you probably could have included a book or two. That was really nicely written.

  9. mbeaudette says:

    Nice answers, but you contradict yourself sometimes.