Dream Home

Posted: 9th March 2016 by dallen in Uncategorized
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when I become rich and famous

Dream Home

Many nights I when I’m not dreaming about hockey I dream about my dream home. My dream home would be five stories high, have a balcony on every floor all the way around the house with white bright glistening rails. It would also contain three hockey rinks all would have a different purpose. The first one would be for scrimmages or mini games such as fries and gravy. The second one would be for shooting and passing and the third one would be for skating. The house would have a fifty foot deep pool with two different diving boards one on each end and at a different height. The pool would also contain a slide that is supported by spruce trees. Inside all counter tops would be marble and the floor would be marble as well. Every bedroom would have its own bathroom connected to it. I would also have a games room which would have a pool table, ping pong table, pinball machine, slot machines, Xbox and Playstation  four, foosball table, poker table and a bar. I’d also put a theater room in there. Now that I’ve wrote about my dream house I just to find enough money to buy it.


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  1. sounds like an awesome house,great job.

  2. tamartin says:

    Fifty foot deep pool and i’m in to hang out like a friend or classmate !!

  3. shyann says:

    I would also like to live in this house, but it would be expensive.

  4. skye says:

    Great house! I would like to own a house like this.

  5. lveitch says:

    how you going to fit three rinks

  6. bpollard says:

    3 hockey rinks… Im coming

  7. Rona says:

    i would really like to live in it but you should build a gym in your house with badminton nets

  8. dallen says:

    Can’t afford that 🙁

  9. knario says:

    cool dream house invite all of us when the you got the money for the house …….. we are gonna rent rooms and live in your house!

  10. Sean Ulrich says:

    This would be an awesome house to live in. Good job.

  11. rcampbell says:

    Cool house! It would be great to live in.

  12. aswan says:

    3 hockey rinks seems like a bit much

  13. cdowner says:

    Sounds like such a cool house, it is really epic. I would love to visit this house and own one like this. Good job.

  14. mbeaudette says:

    Awesome Home! Would love to live in it.