Looking For a Hero

Posted: 28th April 2016 by dallen in Uncategorized

My book is called Looking For a Hero by David Boyd. The book talks about the true problems people have to face when something very terrible happens.  This tragic event had happened about a year ago and it turned this family upside down. All of this was caused by a impaired driver.


Christian was driving home from his university class and a impaired driver had crashed into him. He was in the hospital for eight weeks and when he had gotten out he was on his was to a full recovery. It was about two months after he got really sick and went to the school nurse she had sent him home immediately and told him to go to the hospital the next day. They had taken some tests and the result came back about a week later he had AIDS. The doctors have no idea how he got AIDS. He is not homosexual or has never sex with a guy before so they know its not that. They believe he had contracted it from his crash somehow. He is now being separated from his family and all human contact.

Nicky had finally opened up to his councillor and explained what had happened at Robert Player’s house. He had crept in and walked to the living room where he had seen all of Robert’s gold records. Nicky had heard a noise coming from behind him when he turned Robert Player was pointing a gun at him. Nicky immediately explained what had happened and why he was there, Robert gave him a leather bag and told him to leave and never come back. When Nicky had gotten home Christian had only a diaper on. The two boys were home alone so Christian had forced Nicky to give him the drugs. Christian had a rush come over him then he began to relax. Christian had died two days later as his body just couldn’t take it no more.

When Christian had said that he failed two assignments his parents were very disappointed to say the least. I believe the only reason he had said that was because he could easily access heroin easy and he didn’t want his parents to see him in such rough shape.

The body guards had shoved Nicky into the wall and told him to leave in  avery intimidating way.


When Nicky had gotten there he was in disbelief. He couldn’t even stay in the room he had to leave it was so bad.




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  1. Sean Ulrich says:

    Good job. This sounds like an interesting book, but when I read this I was a bit confused about what exactly happened.

  2. mbeaudette says:

    Well written. Sounds like you are enjoying it.