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Posted: 19th May 2016 by dallen in Uncategorized

What do the citizens of Fort McMurray with hardships and respect to their environment?

The Fort McMurray residents face an unbelievable amount of hardships such as loss of pets, loss of photos, but most of all the thought of not knowing how much damage has been done to their homes. Even if their home is still standing that doesn’t mean the belongings didn’t get damaged or possibly stolen. Even as we are offered help, it still won’t take away the sentimental value of all the personal belongings.

While the province has rallied together to raise over 60 million dollars to pay for food, clothes and other human needs. Their are Fort McMurray residents all over the western side of Canada. These residents are still not allowed into Fort McMurray as the air quality is extremely terrible and smoke is everywhere. Rachel Notley predicts the Fort McMurray residents will be allowed back into their home June 1st. I don’t believe that will happen.

The Globe and Mail is offering the going to offer the most update and accurate news of the horrific fire. They plan to keep us updated on every little event that occurs during the aftermath of the evacuation. The Fort McMurray residents are being warned not to go into the city because of toxic smoke in the area is making it a health hazard for all who come near.

The citizens face so many hardships I can’t even imagine to begin to explain them all.

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  1. mbeaudette says:

    Interesting Facts about the fire.