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name: Kent Murphy

Age: 35

Date of Birth: June 19 1982

Where I Live: Vermilion

Good day mates I’m here to tell ya’ll a little bit about my life and how I got here. It was a windy day in June, June 19th to be exact and it was the year of 1982 was when the life of Kent Frank Murphy began. Now back my young days I was always in a bit of mischief weather on the ice or in a drive through I’d always be getting a lecture. During the drive through incident I broke the machine you talk into buy throwing my shoe at it because the cashier was taking to long for my liking ( that’s the cheap fast food joints in Geelong for ya).  Once I got to school I was still a little devil but I only did stuff when there was no supervisors around. By the time middle level rolled around I had matured a lot. My marks were high and I always got honors at the end of the year, even in high school my marks stayed up and by this time I was really taking an interest in music especially the banjo. I quickly started taking lessons and it turns out I was a natural and everything came easy to me. In 2001, I moved to Sydney to further my hockey career, this is when I realized I had true potential this is when I tried out for the olympic team. I was placed as the captain for the Australian hockey team with 45 goals, 98 assists and 128 penalty minutes in just 58 games. I have been suspended 4 times for hits from behind and throwing my stick at the ref and hitting him. It was January 2002 w hen the Australian hockey team lifted off on its way to Salt Lake City. We were on our way to New York City to fuel up. As we were on our way down it became extremely foggy causing the pilot to lose sight of the airport. The pilot started yelling “ MAYDAY, MAYDAY” we ended up landing in Billy Braquette’s (lead singer) backyard while he was out getting groceries. When he came home he was in shock. He found us sitting by his tree and phoned 911. We were the only survivors. After we got checked out by the medic they sent us to a hotel room. We started talking about our experience and Ruby Max ( the drummer) suggested we go sing a memorial song at Madison Square Garden. We had a drummer, ukulele, and a mandolin we were just missing one thing a lead singer. That is where Billy Braquette came in and told us about his cousin. The song we sang was called “ Mayday” which kinda fit the theme of the moment. At the memorial we were asked countless questions about our experience. Six hours later we were finally in a hotel room with silence. John thought it might be a good idea to try and write some other songs. We ended up with about twelve songs. Our favorite was Pie. No not 3.14159, the food. So that is how I got to where I got to now.

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