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Nowadays just about all students in middle level or high school have a phone. Many of these students feel the need to bring them into class and annoy everyone. Ever hear of teenagers killing themselves that is mainly due to cyber bullying. The third and most important or the three is students can cheat. I believe phone shouldn’t be in classes today.

Have you ever been writing a test and all you hear is “ ding ding” twenty seconds later “ding ding”. It’s seems like that person just wants to be a distraction to you. These new devices are great in countless ways but, they are also distracting in numerous ways. For example someone could be board and while the teacher is out of the class they just rip their phone out and start playing games. While you are trying to learn and do your best you can’t focus because a phone goes off every twenty seconds.

The majority of kids nowadays getting cyberbullied is horrendous and it ages from kids ten to twenty years of age. There have been about four thousand, five hundred kids between ten and twenty that have killed themselves due to cyber bullies. These bullies use social programs to their advantage. These people don’t have to be face to face when trying to bully them as they are tougher behind a screen.

The last and most vital of all the reasons is kids can cheat. As soon as the teacher walks out of the room bam out pops four phones searching for the answer because they were to lazy to study. Kids know the risks but still take them even though they could end up with a zero. Just about every kid in middle level has some kind of mobile device that can use wifi and the internet to search up the answer.

So now that you know kids can distract yours from learning. Bullying can make them have suicidal thoughts or actions. The third one that I talked about was kids can cheat. No cell phone, no problems.


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