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Looking for a school with a substantial education system and extremely competitive sports teams well St. Jerome’s is the place for you. There is a ample amount of extra curricular activities such as volleyball, badminton and track. Being St. Jerome’s is deeply religious there are many special festivals and events based on religion such as the Christmas concert etc. In addition to being deeply religious they also have a broad variety of traditions they follow such as “fall supper” etc. Just as all other schools have rules St. Jerome’s has some odd and unusual rules such as not practicing activities if you are not apart of that team.

Surprisingly all but one sport allows grade 6 students to play extra curricular activities. You’ll soon realize why badminton is the only sport where the youngest middle level learners are disallowed the privilege of playing badminton. Considering that badminton consists of two players per team at max and six courts it fills up rapidly. Volleyball and basketball grants kids from grade 6 to grade 12 to perform in front of all the teachers and classmates. The school has won provincials three times in boys volleyball. Sometimes they even travel up to eight hours just to play the competitive activity that they love. St. Jerome’s also offers golf, cross country running and track and field events.

Let me tell you about some of the more religious and traditional events that St. Jerome’s hosts. Without a doubt the Christmas concert put on by grades 1-5 is the most religious celebration throughout the school year. More often than not the stands are packed full of parents, grandparents, sibling and family friends as they watch on in amazement. In addition to the Christmas concert they also have two massive fundraisers, the Fall Supper and the Winter Carnival. The fall super as you guessed is in the fall, it is put on at the Regional Center in Vermilion,  Alberta. Of course the food is scrumptious and desserts are plentiful. For years the carnival has been  a Thursday in February. What’s so great about the carnival is that it is indoors and there is something for everybody. In addition to all the carnival games there is a silent auction and a tea party with homemade sweets such as squares, cookies and cakes etc. No one would argue that the most competitive day is Gymnastics day which takes place on holy Thursday every year. Gymnastics day is much more than just a day it is a time of bragging rights between the three houses; Cartier,  Fraser and Mackenzie. While many of the younger student dislike Gymnastics Day as it takes time away from their recess enjoyment. Regardless of what the elementary students say the utmost of the high school do enjoy it as they get to miss out on classes for that day.

Just like all other schools have rules, St.Jerome’s they’re rules to be followed. St.Jerome’s, of course has the everyday guidelines such as removing dirty and wet footwear, withdrawing  hats and no running in the hallways. It’s important to remember some of the uncommon rules that St. Jerome’ s has introduced therefore you won’t be in a dilemma as much or at all. Also clean up the gathering area if it is your turn don’t leave it. If you do forget or don’t do it on purpose you’ll end up missing break or gym class to clean up.

Hopefully you can see all the tremendous reasons why to come to St. Jerome’s. Of course if you are looking for a authentic education and ambitious sports to play then this is the place for you. For years students of all ages have came to practice their religion and team working to further benefit their education. You’ll soon discover that if you follow the guidelines posted you’ll do just fine.


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