Who am I?

Posted: 6th December 2016 by dallen in Uncategorized
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Who am I? Now if somebody asked me to describe myself in three words the first three words that pop into my head would be hockey , humour and easy going. Even though those are the first three words that burst into my head I could go on for hours writing single words about me, but does that really explain in depth about who I am?

Even though many teens don’t know how to cook I could cook you a seven course meal. My favourite recipe is chicken breasts in cherry tomatoes. I also love marinated steak even though, I don’t use a recipe for the marinating sauce but my family says it’s the best they’ve ever ate. Even though I love cooking I don’t like doing the dishes. My sister and I always fight about doing the dishes. The rule we go by is whoever cooks gets to choose who does the dishes so you always want to stay on the cooks good side. At home I also love being outside especially after a fresh snowfall. The part I love the most is taking ol’faithful out into the pasture and doing some donuts. Now the worst part after a snowfall is the fact I loose all of my pucks in the snow. By the end of winter I’m down to three pucks that I cherish.

What do I need for hockey? I need snow and ice. That allows the pucks to slide smoothly along the ground. So you can imagine I am a big fan of winter. Although neither one my parents or grandparents have ever played the sport of hockey all of my relatives have played. My one cousin is in university in Minnesota and it’s all being paid for as she got as scholarship through hockey. Besides hockey I also play badminton, volleyball and track and field. My cousin who passed away this summer is still the provincial champion in grade 10 triple jump.

I’ve never been one to act hubris even though I’ve achieved many things in my opinion such as winning league as alternate captain, winning provincials in soccer and being on back to back Mackenzie cup championship teams. I also own a 1953 chevy truck  I found it in a field this summer it is going to be my restoration project and I hope to finish it before grad.  My dog also loves helping out with the truck, he is 13 years old and is named Flash .

Overall I consider myself a half mature 15 year old redneck with the smart side of me coming out every now and again. I never would want to be a teacher due to all of the kids that don’t listen. I would lose my #%$&. Now I know that may be a bit random but us rednecks don’t plan ahead, our plan is called the five second plan which usually works.

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