My Blueprint – Interest questions

Posted: 9th December 2016 by dallen in Uncategorized
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I once again agree with this survey 100% as I consider myself to not enjoy the fake or exaggerated moments in shows or movies. I’d rather watch a documentary about animals as I love animals, one day I hope to go volunteer at this place in British Columbia called Hope for Wildlife  here they rehabilitate animals and allow them to live the rest of their life in the wild where they belong. I also try to be as straight as I can be with someone (even though this can backfire when selling something) I find it much more humbling to be honest with somebody even if I know it’ll hurt their feelings. Honesty is the best policy. My second interest is social which I also concur with. I also have ability to start small talk with anyone as I just find it polite to ask someone how they are doing. I also love talking (if you haven’t noticed already) my family extremely dislikes the fact I talk so much especially when my sisters favourite show is on. I always go on the computer at that time to see what deals I can find. I’m always asking my dad about certain motors that are in trucks as I want the most under the hood for the least amount of dough.

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