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When I first started looking for the Blackfoot reserve I had found one in Idaho and in Alberta, I first assumed it was the one in Alberta as it was closer but then I seen Blackfeet reserve which caught my attention. While I zoomed in and out I seen Blackfoot pop out at me. It is only an hour and a half  away from Coutts AB. Blackfoot is about 10 hours away from Salt Lake City. Salt Lake has many attractions for both tourists and those who call Salt Lake home such as multiple ski hills, art galleries, and or museums etc.Image result for blackfeet reservation map The Blackfeet reserve is one of the largest reserves in North America. It holds over 22,000 people in the three communities. They are known to be fierce warriors and never back down from a fight. The last and probably most important part of their culture would be the legends of the stars, the one story that has stayed in my mind was the story about the great elk. It goes something like this, one day a young man about 16 years old was out looking for food when he seen a great elk, he then put an arrow through the elk. After he finished skinning him he stretched his hide out as far as he could, it soon started to tear he stopped, then he threw it up into the sky and you could see all the stars. 

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