The Reasons to Believe

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Why do we believe? What has Christianity actually done for the world that is positive? Where is the proof of His existence? With just three questions we create a ridiculous amount of debate and multiple sides that try and prove why one is right and why the others are not. As Christians we have came up with proof for our beliefs. One of which talks about the four primary questions, another concept we’ve brought up is the Lewis Trilemma. Of course we can’t forget about our conscience and how it is the voice of the will of God. last but certainly not least despair.

Can something come from nothing? As of today’s day in age we have not been able to create an Oreo cookie out of a shoe box yet. But Kreeft acknowledges the fact that we could be wrong and there is an one in a trillion trillion chance. Does God exist? This is a simple yes or no question. He either does or He doesn’t. Even though we have no physical proof that God exists we still make the conscious choice to believe in God, and prove why we believe in the First Mover. We are faced with the concept of our souls being immortal. It has to be. Either it has always been here or it is always going to be here. Our souls are created at the moment of conception. Our free will always be there but it is up to us to listen to our conscience and decide whether it is the right choice to make or not. Our conscience is our bodyguard of our soul, it can advise us to the right direction but if we don’t listen to it we damage our souls.

Is Jesus a Liar, Lunatic or Lord? Based off of our proofs He is a Lord. We are forgiven of our sins whenever we desire. He has always been here and he will come back at the end of time. Two out of the three have been completed, however we are still waiting for the end of time, who knows when that will be?

We are constantly faced with this concern of despair, we all know people who have despair but we often just tell them it will be fine but we rarely do anything about it. We need a bench to show those who are having a hard time that they are not alone and there are many others like them and many more willing to help them through their tough times. Despair lets Jesus know who is true followers are by who is willing to help and understand how others are feeling.

Those are only three reasons why we as Christians believe Jesus and God exists, personally I believe they are pretty convincing but however they are still those who think we are lunatics. If we just do what we can hopefully others will see why we believe in the Lord.

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