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This does not occur to often but when it does it usually stays around for a week or so. There is one time in particular where I slept for fifteen minutes all night. It was a typical day in summer, did yard work, nothing to special. When I went to go to bed around 10:30 my brain came to life. This was a couple weeks before a wedding and fishing trip as well. I tossed and turned until quarter after eleven or so, finally I just accepted defeat and laid there allowing my brain to go places. It started off with wondering what am I going to do tomorrow, I thought of a massive list that I knew was not going to get accomplished. Around 1:00 AM I began to think about the drive up to wedding and what directions we will be going, what the weather will be like, will the highways be busy. I was thinking with no meaning, it seemed almost pointless to me but for an unknown reason I went along with my brain. While I lay in bed I listen to the coyotes howl and birds chirp, pondering if they ever get any sleep. 2:00 AM roles around and I begin to think about the fishing trip to Dore lake in North central Saskatchewan. I begin to debate with myself what hook I want to use, a red five of diamonds or black devil for the first cast. After a while I worry about catching any fish at all. It then turns into will I catch the most fish the biggest fish. I never accomplished either however I was the perfect net man. Before I know it it is roughly 3:45 AM and my main concern is weather I will be able to fillet the fish without bones. On my back I practice the angle of my hand which I can’t see because it is dark, I just hope I’m doing it correctly. First off I practised doing the pike with a new method to remove the “Y” bones. This one is known as the five fillet method. Turns out I was quite good at after the first couple fish, I guess practising in the dark does the trick. I began thinking about the walleye, I knew those were easier but I’ve only attempted these once and I butchered it. I continued with my idea of fun at four in the morning, practising how to fillet walleye this go round. By this time it was just after five in the morning and I worry that I will not think at all, I’m curious to know if my mom is up because she does not sleep well either. I do become mad at her because she gave me the genes of not being able to sleep. Eventually I dose off right after 8:00 AM and I wake up just before 8:30. That was one of the longest days of my life. The majority of people who are effected by insomnia have to deal with sleepy days and not being able to focus. Others will suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Medical conditions include strokes, seizures and even heart disease. More often than not this condition improves when stress in life disappears or becomes less.

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