I enjoy most of the subjects I do but if I was to choose one it would be Math.  I would choose math because I enjoy numbers and really for anything you do when you leave school you will definitely need math.  I am passionate about math because I like to figure out problems and solve them and I am all about facts and that is what math is about facts.  When I get older I want a job the requires me to do math and some of those jobs could be a Financer or a Banker or even a Carpender. There are plenty of jobs the requires math and those jobs would the job for because I don’t just like math I am also pretty swell at it.   On my blueprint survey after answering all the questions, it tells me that Business would be the way to go and I would have to agree with it because I like math and business requires math.  Business can take you a long way in society because if you know how a business runs you can understand what needs to be done and what you can improve so you can get a better profit or just to make more money.  Someday I hope to run my own business and that business to be successful.

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