Motivation is very important because when you are motivated it means you are determined to do anything to make it work.  On my survey, it said for my first one Support.  I would have to agree because when you are working or playing sports it is good to have the support and having support can really help when you are going through a rough time.

Support is also when you are needing help with something that you just can’t figure out and it really helps when someone is there to give you a hand when needed.  I am motivated to help and support people when needed and I am really motivated on doing that in the future.  Motivation is the key to everything you do because if you are not motivated while doing something you will not try your very best and it will not be as good because when you are motivated you try your very best and it is way better.

On the survey my second one is Independence.  Independence is good for me and everyone in the world.  If you are independent you can do things on your own without getting help ever couple minutes and figure things out for yourself.  when I am working or playing sports I like to be left alone and figure it out for myself because when I leave school everything you do will be needed to figure out on your own and without any help.  Independents mean free and when you are free it feels so good because you get to do whatever you want without getting told what to do by others.

There are some ideas of what motivates me and that is why motivation is the key to whatever you do like being a support to others or even to yourself or being independent and those two things really motivates me.

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