Fr Joy’s first visit

Today I got to meet our new Priest and his name is Father Joy.  From what I got to know about him this morning he is a really nice and pleasant person to be around.  He came to Canada in 2017 and he said it was a big change from where he came from and that was India.  He was amazed by how open and nice people are in Canada but he probably doesn’t like the weather that much as to Indias whether because he said were he grew up it got up to 50 degrees in the summertime.  We did a small activity with him today and it was lots of fun and it made me really relaxed.  We had Father Rogers before Father Joy and even though I miss Father Rogers I think Father Joy is really going to make a good fit here in The Holy Name Jesus Parish in Vermilion.

Father Joy’s sister is a Nun back in Kerala, India.  When he was only in grade 5 his sister left to go to become a nun and that really inspired him and he said that he likes helping others and said being a Priest was perfect for him.  He has worked at church in Edmonton St. Theresa and now he gets to work in Vermilion as are leading Priest and show us the way.  were he comes from the province is smaller than Nova Scotia but more people live in that one province where he is from than the whole country of Canada. I am really excited to get to know him and hope he likes it here with us.

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