The awful of the unsolved riddles of existence

When we were watching Fr. Mike, he had talked about that we should always be questioning everything with a warning and if we stop doing that we will never understand anything and we probably will be lost. You need to be always asking questions and the Truth of those questions to the right and the wrong.  The riddles that are unsolved you get to ask yourself and you get to make your idea or thought on them and how you feel about it. When you are doing it you really need to find the deep meaning of what it is trying to say. So here are some of the things that I am questioning.

Should you ever tell a lie?

Do you think you should lie? Do you think it is ok to lie for something for what is happening or no? In what I am thinking it is never ok for me or someone else to lie for them or myself but to be honest with you I have lied and I am sure everyone has once or twice in their life. From experience I can ensure you, Lying might feel like the right thing to do at the time but after a bit, it starts to kinda knit at you and it should. If it doesn’t knit at you then to me I really don’t think you have much of a heart or care how it might affect someone else. If you just tell the truth right from the start, sure you might get in trouble at the begging but then, in the end, you can forgive yourself and you might even feel proud that you had the guts to say the whole truth and nothing other then the truth. So for me that is why I think telling the truth is better than lying and hurting other people along the journey.

Is it important that you can speak and write so you can be understood?

The meaning of this is not asking if you should just write about random stuff and ideas that make no sense. It is asking or telling you that you should write about how you feel and speak your mind when you know that someone or something isn’t right and the way that is right or you think is right is told and heard. If you are afraid of saying what is right then you will never be heard of what you think about ideas about the world and no one will probably ever ask you. For example, when people make signs and walk around and let everyone see them they are the people that are not scared of what people think of them, they just want their voice to be seen and heard. You should never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot believe and in my thinking, if you are too scared to voice your opinion, then you are probably not very sure or confident in it. Once when I was little and I was getting in trouble I didn’t do it and I had voiced my opinion and when I had told them that it wasn’t me and I made profit and I was then not in trouble and the reason for was because I wasn’t afraid to tell someone that they were wrong.  so make sure that you write and or speak so that you are being heard and understood.

Do we control technology or does technology control us?

Well, it doesn’t sound too hard to figure out if you just thought about it for a second but if you look deeper into it then you start to wonder who controls who. Technology is one of the best things that has ever been created on this earth. Everything that we have like a car to phone and even buildings are all technology. If we didn’t have the technology then we wouldn’t have the majority of anything that is on this earth and it would be like we are living in the 18 hundred’s again. Try to imagine if we didn’t have technology just for one whole day. It said like it would be easy but I think over half of the population couldn’t do it because we are so tight with technology. Think about it. Do you spend more time with people talking in person or over a screen? For me, what I see is that even when two people are in the same room they still talk to each other by technology. We as humans created technology but in my opinion, technology nowadays owns us and for a very long time it will still own use. Technology has taken over this world. For example, in the last fifty years, combines were outdoors and you had to do everything from today’s combines and they do everything without a human even being in a cab. So yes, I do think that technology has control overuse but I do not agree or like it at all.

You will always have a question that you can ask and you have to ask it. You always before saying anything about it you need to have an opinion on it and how you really feel about the whole thing.  So never stop asking questions or being curious or wanting to know something because everything that you will ever know is from asking questions and spreading the word.


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