Three Songs

Music can be very interesting because all types of music tell a story. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you listen to there is always something to pick out from that song. When people are trying to tell a story and it is just to hard to say they instead put it into a song so people can still hear the story but it makes it easier for everyone. The three songs that I never get tired of hearing is God’s Country, Heartless, and Kick Start My Heart. I will tell you why I never get tired of them.

God’s country is a country song and it is a good one. It has a very good tune to it and it makes me just feel so relaxed. It is about someone and how they are just so blessed for what they have. The quote “Got a deed to the land, but it ain’t my ground this is God’s country.” it is telling you that even if you own the land or something it is God’s and God is everything. when I listen to the song it makes me just want to get closer to God and it makes you understand what he has made for use in this lifetime. God’s country is a very good poem and that will make you sing the song and that is why I never get tired of the song God’s country.

The song Heartless is a pop song and it is one of my favorites of all time. It is about a person telling someone that they need to be more considerate of other people and asking ” why you go to be so heartless.” That quote is saying that we need to be more considerate of what we say and do to people.  When I listen to the song it makes me just feel like everything is good and it just makes you stop and think of everything we have.

Kickstart My Heart is a song produced by the band ” Motley Crue.” The song, in my opinion, doesn’t really have much of a storyline but it makes for one heck of a dance. I think the story of the song is about when you have fallen down someone will be there to kick you back up. It is the best seller the Motley Crue ever had and it is still in this day one of the best songs that you here. This song has been around before I was born and I had heard it at a very younger age and still to this day I never get tired of hearing it. I like to hear it before I have like a sporting event because it gets me fired up and makes me focused. That is why I like this song and I never get tired of it.

These are the three songs that I would love to listen to because I never get tired of listening to them.  These are three songs that lots of people like and they aren’t songs you get tired of like some other songs. That is why I chose these three songs as my top three songs.



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