I love my life and I love where I am right now but have you ever wondered if you could just snap your fingers and go any place in the world that you wanted. If I had three places in the world that I could go to it would be Cape Town South Africa, Cuba, and Rio Brazil. All these places I find very interesting and they are all very warm which I like. These are some of the reasons why I would like to go to these three places in the World.

Cape Town in South Africa is the second most populated place in South Africa. It is also the legislative capital in South Africa. This place would really interest me because there is some history of how the government was formed and there are lots of tourist things to do. It is on the coastline which means it is surrounded by water which would be fun because I love swimming and it means you are isolated and nothing or nobody can bother you.  That is why I would like to go to Cape Town.

The second place I would love to be in Cuba. Cuba is a small island that is located near the Caribbean Sea. Cuba lots of people go to for a vacation because it is warm and there are lots of beaches and it is on the ocean and who doesn’t like the ocean? I would love to go there because I love the heat and there are many animals there that I have never seen before and they would be very cool to see. Cuba is known for only using classic cars because when you go to Cuba there aren’t any new vehicles as we have here.  I would love to visit Morro Castle because it has so much history. That is why I would love to go to Cuba.

The last place I would like to visit is Rio in Brazil. Rio is the capital city in Brazil which is located in South America. Rio is famed for is Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, They are some of the nicest beaches in the World in my opinion and Rio is very hot which again I love. It is a very busy place and filled with lots of people. It is known for its rainforest and the most dangerous one in the world is outside of Rio is the Amazon. I would love to float down the river on a boat in Rio because it would make me very excited to see all those creatures I have never seen before. That is why I would like to go to Rio.

These are the three places I would love to visit because of some of the activities they offer and because of the heat. They are the three places I would go to in a heartbeat but one day I hope to visit all three of them but for now, I will just imagine myself there enjoying life. That is why I chose these three places.

  Rio, Brazil


  Cape Town, South Africa



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