Time Travel

Time travel is a mystery that would be amazing to figure out someday. Lots of people would choose to probably go back in time to see their ancestors or how it was back then. Others might think it is cool to go to the future and then come back and invent something from there. Everyone is going to have their opinions on what would be cooler to travel to but for me, I would love to back in time.

The past might seem not as fun because some people will say ” it has already happened so why would you want to go back and see it” but for me, that would be so cool. I would first want to go and see the time of the Aztecs. The Aztecs history is so cool and I would love to see the town that they had because back in that time they were the most powerful people and it would be cool to see how much power they really had. They were a very cool culture and it would have been amazing to see if their tribe was still around these days. that is why I would like to go back in time to see the Aztecs.

I would then love to as a second choice to like to visit the Renaissance because that is the age where they had discovered sp much new ideas and land. I f I could go back right now I would because I could then find the land and invent some of the machines they did. That time was so cool because they had discovered the ” New World.” They had only known about the area they were in and it would be awesome to find new lands like that because you would be famous. That is why I would like to go to the Renaissance.

The last place I would go to is World War 2. World War 2 has so much history and it is the biggest war this world has ever seen. If I could go back in time and figure out how to stop the Nazis. I would have loved being able to stop the Nazis because they were a terrible group and for the Jews well lets not even go there. I would have figured out how to stop the Nazi and I would know there every move so it would make it much harder for them and the war wouldn’t of last so long. That is why I would love to go back in time to World War 2.

Those three-time events are huge is history and would have been very cool to see. Sure it would have been cool to see what our future would look like but to me, If I went back into the past I know what is going to happen and I could help millions of people and become famous. To me, that is better than just seeing what our future will be like. That is why I choose the past.



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