Identify a Good Read

The read, “Is It Ever Too Late to Pursue a Dream” is a very encouraging read. You should always try your best in everything you do and it won’t come easy but just keep working at it and you will see the improvement. Dan Stoddard is a 42-year-old who is trying to Pursue his Dream that he has always imagined doing. Do you have a Dream? If you did what would it be? Now I am going to tell you the dream that Dan Stoddard had.

Dan Stoddard was a 42-year-old man who was wanting to play basketball at a college in Ontario. He wasn’t a good basketball player at all during his first time out there but he had told his coach,” I will work at it really hard until I become good.” To Dan, it didn’t matter if he had not become a good basketball player he just wanted to go down fighting. He was a very determined man who wanted to pursue his dream but his dream to lots of people seemed impossible. A 42-year-old man playing basketball at a college level just didn’t seem realistic. He had the determination to become a good basketball player but in order for him to do that, he had to get his body in shape to be able to keep up with college players.

He was working for a bus company and was working long hours. Going to school, playing basketball, working out, and work his job was a lot to handle. there weren’t enough hours in a day for him because he wasn’t getting enough sleep and if you don’t get enough sleep you will not perform very well.  It didn’t help that he was also 6 foot 8 and 325 pounds. When he was done a basketball game or work his ankles would look like watermelons and he just could go any further. He had pushed through the pain and would keep pushing his body to the limit. He couldna get enough sleep or food or time in a day to do anything and he was always just done he couldn’t go any further every single day.

Even though he couldn’t go any further still wanted to keep going. He had lost 150 pounds in one year and he was hoping to lose 200 before graduation. He was hoping to make the NBA and when he was asked by someone,” Do you think the NBA will want to take someone that will be 42 and he replied with,” Yes I do if they are good enough. He was one of the most determined guys the coach has ever seen in his life and he said,” that kid never gives up, even if he is behind everyone a lot. That was Dan Stoddard Dream and the only thing he wishes he would have done differently was that he would have done it sooner.

Most of the time we are too scared to try out are dreams but why? If we love it just do it. That is what Dan Stoddard had done and look at how it turned out for him. He had gotten into better shape than most people his age and he had loved every minute of it. Someone I know tells me when the sport you love he says,” You will miss the feeling of being tired and sore and not able to get out of bed because when you can’t do those things it means you gave it your all.” So never give up on your dreams and don’t hesitate to just do it.

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