Road Trip

Have you ever been crammed into a car for so long that you would rather be doing anything else? Have you ever been on a timeline getting somewheres and you are worried you won’t make it in time? All these feelings are what you may or may not feel on a road trip. Some road trips are short and others are long. What is the longest road trip you have ever been on and what were the problems and the fun things that happened?

It was 6:30 in the morning and everyone was so tired but excited at the same time or at least I was. My family and my auntie and cousins were coming with us on this road trip. It is a trip that my mom and auntie have done since they were little kids and they wanted us to have the same experience that they got. Every year now in August we got to Fairmont Hot Springs, BC. Usually, we spread out the trip into two days but last year we made the drive in one day. From our house, it was about a 9-hour drive from where we were staying. If you look up how many kilometers it is it doesn’t seem like it would be that long but it is. It takes as long as that because after Calgary you go West and are driving right through the mountains and when you drive through the mountains the speed limit is very slow.

When we had arrived in Calgary we needed to stretch our legs and everyone just needed a break so we went to a mall and just walked around to get the blood flowing and we did some shopping while we were there. Then we had gotten some food and hit the road. When we were leaving Calgary there is a theme park called Calaway Park. I love that place so much because it is just like another fairgrounds so we had made a stop there and we went on rides for about three hours. When we were done that we had to get back on the road because my mom and auntie did not want to drive through the mountains in the dark.

We had arrived in Panorama at 10 pm and Panorama is only like ten minutes from Fairmont and I was so happy that the drive was just about over and that the vacation has started. We had done lots of cool activities like zip-lining up and down a mountain and go-karting and we went to the pool which is so cool. it has a hot tub which looks like a minny mountain and the diving boards are so high up. The coolest thing is the pool is filled with the hot springs in the mountains and they drain the water every single night and it refills itself within a couple of hours. And the coolest part about the trip for me was that I got to go golfing on a PGA golf course in Radium and man is that so cool.

The trip was 8 days long and man it was a blast. All the things like the drive, and all the activities were so fun. But after all of that, it was the end of summer and it was time to go back home and back into routine because less than a week from then I was entering Grade 9 which I was very excited for. That was the longest trip I have ever done by driving.

A Hero’s Journey Layout

Hero movies are always the best to have in mind. They really get you on the edge of your seat. What is your favorite hero movie? Why did you like it? These are all the questions you should be asking yourself after you have seen it or when you want to see it. I am going to tell you about my Favorite Hero movie and that is Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle.

They start off in there “ Ordinary World” living their own lives and enjoying life. the four main characters are not very close and they do not like each other. They had all gotten sent to the office for getting in trouble at the same time. For there punish, meant they had to go down to the basement and sort out papers but as they were doing that they had realized and old video game console with a game in it. The game in the consol was Jumanji. The one kid thought it as very interesting abut the rest of them thought it was lame but after awhile the decided to play because they were bored. The had picked there states then something weird happened. The game started to make sounds and then they unplugged it. after that their bodies started to fade away and when they had realized they were pulled into the game.

When they had realized they were in the game they didn’t understand what it meant. They didn’t know why they had got pulled in there and how to get out was a mystery to them. A hippo and killed one of the characters and the other three were so scared but then a sound went off and it was the other person falling out of the sky. Then they had realized on their arms they all had three little tattoos but the character that died only had two so that meant that was how many lives they had. They had to get through all the rounds to try and save Jumanji.

When they were in the last round they had the hardest task yet to do. they were facing off against the most powerful guy in Jumanji. He was in control of all the animals and he was powerful. they all had no more lives and just about died and then they had put the jewel back in the mountain and the most powerful guy just became nothing and Jumanji was a safe place again. They had completed the game and made it back home.

It follows The hero journey because it starts off as everything ordinary world and then they get in trouble and put into a group. Then they get pulled out of there world and are put together and need to get out alive in the game so they can get home. That is how it follows the hero journey.

Dream House

When I am older and have enough money the first thing I am going to do is build or buy a house. The first thing you need to make sure when you are building a house is that you plan out how much money will spend and If you will need a mortgage.  I will want a huge house and will want it to be awesome. This is what I will want my dream house to be.

I will want my house to be located out of town for sure. I will want it to be in the country and will want lots of space so I don’t feel cramped. I will want it to have lots of windows so natural light will be able to light up the house during the day.  In the middle of my living room, I will want a stoned fireplace where the TV will hang from and I will want a sectional couch. The main floor will be an open concept where I can see everything from one room. I will want a gourmet kitchen and the flooring in the kitchen will be a stone floor. I will want a Log house will about 3000 square feet of space.

The bedrooms will all have king-sized beds and they will all have their own TVs in them. The will have carpet in the bedrooms and hardwood floors in the living room and the hallways. The bedframes will be made out of a log and each bedroom will have its own walk-in closet and its own bathroom. That is what I want my bathrooms to look like.

The last thing to talk about is the garage. I will want an underground garage which will be able to old over 10 vehicles. It will usually only be holding two or three but then It will have enough room to store everything that I need in there and enough room to play like sports in there. The reason I would do that is that then I don’t have to go build a new shop which will cost another 200 thousand dollars. I would also want heated floors in my garage.

That is what I want my dream house to look like and I hope someday I will be able to have all of those things but right now it is a dream but people live up to there dreams all the time. That is what my dream house would look like.


The Car of Your Dreams

Have you ever wondered when you are older what car you would love to have? Have you ever thought how loud you would want it and how you would like it to look? I am very fascinated by the sound of a very fast car and when you here that engine it is the most satisfying thing you will hear.  I am going to tell you about my dream car.

When I am old enough and have enough money I will want to have an everyday vehicle but then I will want to have a one really interesting fast car that will blow people’s minds. I would want the body of my dream car to look like a Dodge charger because I love how long the body is and I kinda have a thing for muscle cars. I would make the paint color all black and I would tint the windows to about 5 percent. I would lower kit it and it would look so cool.

You can have everything how you want your car to look but know the really question is ” what kind of engine you want?” In my opinion, I would put a V8 Oldsmobile engine in it also referred to as the rocket. The rocket engine can go from 0 to 110 in less than 10 seconds which is extremely fast. It is a very powerful engine that I would love in any car because a V8 engine is a car you know it is going to be fast. I will want to be able to go from vermilion to Lloydminster in 15 or less. The good thing about having an engine with that kind of speed is that I can get away from the police.

The last thing is the interior and everything I want in the inside. I want seats from a Bugatti car and they will be a navy blue color. I would want sex lights that turn off and on to the sound of the base. I would want two 12 feet long subs in my car and it would shake the car if I turned the music up all the way. I would want a Lamborgini steering wheel and the floor will be made out of silk fabric. that is what I would want the inside of my car to look like.

All of these items will make the car of my dreams and it would be the coolest thing in the world but the cost to do that would be a lot so not soon but sometime in my future I will do that. That is my dream car.


Rosiness or Gloomy Gray: View on the World

“Why do optimists sail? Optimists believe that a setback or misfortune is just temporary and caused by something specific. Pessimists trudge because they see a setback as a major disastrous condition that might never improve, caused by something pervasive like a character flaw that won’t ever change.” This quote has a meaning of both sides and they are the completely opposite thing. I am going to tell you which one, in my opinion, is better.

Optimists are someone who can turn a bad situation into the best situation that can be made. Optimists are the people who always say there is a chance and in my opinion, I like the feeling that there is always a chance to make it your best every or to always try. The people who just say I am giving up, those people don’t know what hard work is and they won’t get very far in life with that attitude. I love knowing that you can always fix something and it isn’t wrecked for life. You can always so sorry when you have something to apologize for and you can always let people into your life. That is what Optimists people are like.

Pessimists are people who make a big deal out of something small for no reason. they think when one thing goes wrong it is the end of the world. They think when so thing goes wrong that nothing will fix it and it will always be broken so they just live in a dark place. In my experience for example, when we lost a hockey game and it was important to win, some people were just so down that we lost and it makes sense that you would be mad but instead of letting it pull you down, find something good from the game that you did and the things you didn’t do as well learn from them and never let that happen again.

For me, I like to live like there is always a way to fix it and that it isn’t over till it is over. It is so much more fun knowing that there could be something amazing to come out of a situation than to just sit back and put about how bad it sucks.  Rosiness I much rather prefer because you won’t have as many regrets in your life and you won’t be scared to try new things you will just go and try them. living in a Rosiness life is much better in my opinion.

Rosiness is the way of life I would love to keep on living because you are more courageous and are willing to try new things. You will have lived life to its fullest because you won’t hold back you just will keep on loving life. And for the last reason why it is better is that you will be a happier person because you can always find something good to come pout of something bad. That is why I want to be Rosiness rather than Gloomy Grey.