Rosiness or Gloomy Gray: View on the World

“Why do optimists sail? Optimists believe that a setback or misfortune is just temporary and caused by something specific. Pessimists trudge because they see a setback as a major disastrous condition that might never improve, caused by something pervasive like a character flaw that won’t ever change.” This quote has a meaning of both sides and they are the completely opposite thing. I am going to tell you which one, in my opinion, is better.

Optimists are someone who can turn a bad situation into the best situation that can be made. Optimists are the people who always say there is a chance and in my opinion, I like the feeling that there is always a chance to make it your best every or to always try. The people who just say I am giving up, those people don’t know what hard work is and they won’t get very far in life with that attitude. I love knowing that you can always fix something and it isn’t wrecked for life. You can always so sorry when you have something to apologize for and you can always let people into your life. That is what Optimists people are like.

Pessimists are people who make a big deal out of something small for no reason. they think when one thing goes wrong it is the end of the world. They think when so thing goes wrong that nothing will fix it and it will always be broken so they just live in a dark place. In my experience for example, when we lost a hockey game and it was important to win, some people were just so down that we lost and it makes sense that you would be mad but instead of letting it pull you down, find something good from the game that you did and the things you didn’t do as well learn from them and never let that happen again.

For me, I like to live like there is always a way to fix it and that it isn’t over till it is over. It is so much more fun knowing that there could be something amazing to come out of a situation than to just sit back and put about how bad it sucks.  Rosiness I much rather prefer because you won’t have as many regrets in your life and you won’t be scared to try new things you will just go and try them. living in a Rosiness life is much better in my opinion.

Rosiness is the way of life I would love to keep on living because you are more courageous and are willing to try new things. You will have lived life to its fullest because you won’t hold back you just will keep on loving life. And for the last reason why it is better is that you will be a happier person because you can always find something good to come pout of something bad. That is why I want to be Rosiness rather than Gloomy Grey.

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