Dream House

When I am older and have enough money the first thing I am going to do is build or buy a house. The first thing you need to make sure when you are building a house is that you plan out how much money will spend and If you will need a mortgage.  I will want a huge house and will want it to be awesome. This is what I will want my dream house to be.

I will want my house to be located out of town for sure. I will want it to be in the country and will want lots of space so I don’t feel cramped. I will want it to have lots of windows so natural light will be able to light up the house during the day.  In the middle of my living room, I will want a stoned fireplace where the TV will hang from and I will want a sectional couch. The main floor will be an open concept where I can see everything from one room. I will want a gourmet kitchen and the flooring in the kitchen will be a stone floor. I will want a Log house will about 3000 square feet of space.

The bedrooms will all have king-sized beds and they will all have their own TVs in them. The will have carpet in the bedrooms and hardwood floors in the living room and the hallways. The bedframes will be made out of a log and each bedroom will have its own walk-in closet and its own bathroom. That is what I want my bathrooms to look like.

The last thing to talk about is the garage. I will want an underground garage which will be able to old over 10 vehicles. It will usually only be holding two or three but then It will have enough room to store everything that I need in there and enough room to play like sports in there. The reason I would do that is that then I don’t have to go build a new shop which will cost another 200 thousand dollars. I would also want heated floors in my garage.

That is what I want my dream house to look like and I hope someday I will be able to have all of those things but right now it is a dream but people live up to there dreams all the time. That is what my dream house would look like.


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