The Car of Your Dreams

Have you ever wondered when you are older what car you would love to have? Have you ever thought how loud you would want it and how you would like it to look? I am very fascinated by the sound of a very fast car and when you here that engine it is the most satisfying thing you will hear.  I am going to tell you about my dream car.

When I am old enough and have enough money I will want to have an everyday vehicle but then I will want to have a one really interesting fast car that will blow people’s minds. I would want the body of my dream car to look like a Dodge charger because I love how long the body is and I kinda have a thing for muscle cars. I would make the paint color all black and I would tint the windows to about 5 percent. I would lower kit it and it would look so cool.

You can have everything how you want your car to look but know the really question is ” what kind of engine you want?” In my opinion, I would put a V8 Oldsmobile engine in it also referred to as the rocket. The rocket engine can go from 0 to 110 in less than 10 seconds which is extremely fast. It is a very powerful engine that I would love in any car because a V8 engine is a car you know it is going to be fast. I will want to be able to go from vermilion to Lloydminster in 15 or less. The good thing about having an engine with that kind of speed is that I can get away from the police.

The last thing is the interior and everything I want in the inside. I want seats from a Bugatti car and they will be a navy blue color. I would want sex lights that turn off and on to the sound of the base. I would want two 12 feet long subs in my car and it would shake the car if I turned the music up all the way. I would want a Lamborgini steering wheel and the floor will be made out of silk fabric. that is what I would want the inside of my car to look like.

All of these items will make the car of my dreams and it would be the coolest thing in the world but the cost to do that would be a lot so not soon but sometime in my future I will do that. That is my dream car.


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