A Hero’s Journey Layout

Hero movies are always the best to have in mind. They really get you on the edge of your seat. What is your favorite hero movie? Why did you like it? These are all the questions you should be asking yourself after you have seen it or when you want to see it. I am going to tell you about my Favorite Hero movie and that is Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle.

They start off in there “ Ordinary World” living their own lives and enjoying life. the four main characters are not very close and they do not like each other. They had all gotten sent to the office for getting in trouble at the same time. For there punish, meant they had to go down to the basement and sort out papers but as they were doing that they had realized and old video game console with a game in it. The game in the consol was Jumanji. The one kid thought it as very interesting abut the rest of them thought it was lame but after awhile the decided to play because they were bored. The had picked there states then something weird happened. The game started to make sounds and then they unplugged it. after that their bodies started to fade away and when they had realized they were pulled into the game.

When they had realized they were in the game they didn’t understand what it meant. They didn’t know why they had got pulled in there and how to get out was a mystery to them. A hippo and killed one of the characters and the other three were so scared but then a sound went off and it was the other person falling out of the sky. Then they had realized on their arms they all had three little tattoos but the character that died only had two so that meant that was how many lives they had. They had to get through all the rounds to try and save Jumanji.

When they were in the last round they had the hardest task yet to do. they were facing off against the most powerful guy in Jumanji. He was in control of all the animals and he was powerful. they all had no more lives and just about died and then they had put the jewel back in the mountain and the most powerful guy just became nothing and Jumanji was a safe place again. They had completed the game and made it back home.

It follows The hero journey because it starts off as everything ordinary world and then they get in trouble and put into a group. Then they get pulled out of there world and are put together and need to get out alive in the game so they can get home. That is how it follows the hero journey.

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